072 – Speak Their Language

The Background

We have been having a discussion on how to finally move from Point A to Point B and today we are tackling relationships.  We have discussed your health, your spirituality, and now we’re looking to improve our relationships.  But as you invest into your family, we want to keep this as simple and efficient as possible.  Instead of relying on how we feel in our relationships, I want you to focus on doing a daily investment.  But to make sure our efforts are not wasted, we’re discussing the “Five Love Languages” so we can make sure we’re doing the right stuff!

There are Five ways that we like to give and like to receive love and connection.  This applies to our spouse as well as our children and other loved ones.

  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Gifts of Giving

Each of these are explained further on their website or even in this episode.  So listen in.  Because I can tell you that this will save you energy and frustration when you can streamline how you can fill your partner’s cup.  If you don’t speak their language you might be working your ass off and it won’t make a difference in your marriage!

Action Steps:

  • White Belt:  take the quiz and have your spouse take the quiz.  Then discuss.
  • Black Belt:  Take you both take the quiz.  Discuss.  And now, in your journal or post how you will put this into action!
  • Bonus:  After learning about this, what love language do your kids have?  If they are little you can either guess or they can also take the quiz if they are older.  There is also a “Love Language for Kids”.

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