087 – Creating Power FOR the Problem

The Lesson

SHIT will ALWAYS happen!  You are not immune to disaster or stress happening.  In fact, you’re a stress magnet!
Sorry, but true.

So, now that you understand that you have already have a set level of stress and issues to handle; the question becomes… now what?

So, I’m the reason for all this chaos, so what can I do about this?

Main Points

  • In my life, with four kids, one on the way, several businesses, personal and professional growth, and then an emergency happens.   It is my own daily habits that give me the power to step up and handle the chaos.
  • If I hadn’t used my morning rituals to be ready for the day – then I can only imagine how weak I could have shown up when my wife needed me or when my kids need me, or if I have a major issue or decision to make at work.
  • You HABITS either CREATE power or destroy it.  It’s your choice!

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  Take control of when you go to bed and when you wake up.  If you’re all over the place, then you’re starting your day in reaction.  Here is your singular challenge – start here!  Have a set bedtime routine and a set waking up time.
  • Blue Belt:  Grab your journal, draw a line down the middle of the page and label one side with an up arrow.  And the other area a down area.  These represent increasing power and decreasing power.  Now list out your habits both “good” and “bad”.  And now do the math.  Are you increasing your value each day or decreasing it.  Write out what needs to change.
  • Black Belt:  Write out your own “morning success ritual”.  This isn’t a first that I’ve asked this.  If you have already done this, then it’s been long enough that you need to look and reflect if this is serving you or if you need to tweak your morning habits.

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