108 – I Believe In Myself


This is a goal that a client stated today.  I freaking loved it.  But I also told her out of her list of goals, this would be the hardest!

At first, she told me she wanted to lose 50 pounts.  I couldn’t accept that.  In fact, I told her that no one actually wants to “lose anything” – the brain just hates that.  So instead, we needed to change our focus TOWARDS something.

Main Points

  • Our brain has a hard time giving up things, losing, or removing things from our “database”.  So a goal to lose weight is nearly impossible.  Instead change the focus where the weight loss will be the side effect.   For this client, we are focusing on STRONGER and HEALTHIER – and I made her set up a list of things that would define that for her.
  • It’s important to have long and short term visions for this.  We have one event set up for her in about 4 weeks and then in 90 days.  So lots of opportunity to push to the next level.

Action Steps

  • FIVE sticky notes with a statement of your choice.   Options include:  “I am powerful.  I am worthy of love.  I am happy.  I believe in myself.”
  • Take a picture and send it to me on Facebook or post to the public page.  You posting will give power and permission to others!

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