109 – Meetings and Huddles

The Setup

There are certain things in life that just work across the board.  When it comes to business, some of these principles would actually really help out your personal life.

  • Strategy towards a goal.
  • Teamwork
  • Clarity on those goals
  • Bonuses
  • Communication

Communication is key all around and that’s why I promote a daily morning huddle both in business and at home, but also a weekly marriage meeting.  For my kids I employ a quick meeting check-in during their one on one date with me.

I’ve taught on this weekly meeting before on this podcast, but it still is applicable more than ever.  We’re addicted to busy as a society and to take a moment to get things straight is key.


  • Listen to what I suggest for a daily huddle with the family and add in the twist I suggest.
  • Report back on doing an actual marriage meeting.  I suggest you prepare for it so you don’t forget anything.  I like to take a moment to make sure I fully list all that I’m grateful for and also tasks ahead of time.

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