110 – What Are You Waiting For?

The Setup

I had a revelation during an exercise where I reflect and review on a emotionally triggering event from the day before.  I was digesting some frustrations at my son who is just getting so damn mad at me when I ask him to do normal easy things – like get dressed, or put shoes on, or get a coat on, or to put his clothing away.   And after looking at this situation from multiple angles, I came to the realization that overall in many areas and situations of my life.  I’m pressing so hard to get to a point.  This point, what it is, I have no freaking clue.

It’s like I’m pushing to some imaginary finish line that I already know doesn’t exist.  And I’ve been doing this in business, in coaching, in parenting, and personally in myself.  And I’m done with that.

I am instead going to look for the beauty and look to my business and family, in the day to day stuff, my heaven on earth.   As they are my reward already.

I am going to quit pressing for this unknown thing I’ve been chasing.  Instead I’m chasing the moment.

And as I look at my passions and gifts; it’s time to use them NOW.  Not someday, or after the kids go to bed, but in each and every day.

This is an emotional episode – make sure to listen in.

No homework today, just reflect on what I’m saying.

That is all,

Coach Nick

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