126 – Disasters and Distractions

We have been covering a lot of hot topics but I wanted to also share on distractions and emergencies.

There is plenty to get you off course in life, but we cannot control these, but we can control our reaction to them.

Either we get sucked in or stay on course.  And depending on your beliefs and goals, you’ll have to weight them and jump.

But realize, there will always be something.  Always.  Sick kids, injury, finances, weather, and the news.

But it’s going to take real guts to tell everyone to keep their garbage out of your life.  Their drama and their issues where they try and drag you down.

Social media is famous and addicting because of this.  And it only takes one tiny spark and you’re hooked.

Or the dinner table at Thanksgiving.  We get triggered by family or friends and it ruins our day.  Versus, hearing and having a hard pass on it.

You get the same option everywhere.  You just don’t often take it.  So are you going to be part of the herd or stay focused?

So, your own disasters and distractions are enough.  Just focus on them.  Seriously.  And if you can tackle those, you’re going to empower others to do the same.

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