142 – Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk

We’re due for yet another blizzard here in Nebraska on the tail end of a massive statewide flood.  Ranchers and farmers alike have had enough of this.  It’s calving and planting season here and we’re looking for refuge from Mother Nature.  Meanwhile, my wife’s cabin fever may be the death of my low back as she wants to landscape and “nest”.

Does it do any good to complain about the weather?  Or one may argue that it’s therapeutic to be able to vent about something.  I can agree with this if it leads to a solution.   But the weather?

It proves that one can complain about pretty much anything.

So instead, how can we reframe this to improve our lives and our outlook.

Let’s take this stupid blizzard coming.

  • I look forward to having a stolen day with my kids.
  • It’s the perfect excuse to snuggle under a blanket with my wife

So that’s it.  LOL – my heart goes out to the ranchers and farmers out there so while there isn’t much to brag on about a spring blizzard; I am grateful that we have advanced warning about it and everyone has a chance to prep for it.

So, while it stinks, it does no good to whine.  Just like most issues in life that you have zero control over.

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