Attitude of Gratitude

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Why You Should Listen:

  • Framing your mindset for the day is the number one way you can influence your thought patterns.
  • Instead of reacting to a situation, you can CHOOSE how you will react instead of being a slave to your emotions.
  • It all starts with these easy exercises.

Morning Ritual

  • Alarm sounds, you don’t bounce out of bed.  Instead, practice two minutes of listing all for which you are thankful and grateful.  All before your feet hit the ground.
  • Rise before you are woken by the “needs” of your children or pets, or whatever.  You start your day on your terms.

Write a Note

  • Yes an actual thank you card.  It can be to your favorite clients, family, friends, or perhaps a mentor.  One per day and watch how that energy spreads and comes back to you.
  • I prefer written due to it’s personal nature.

Verbalize it

  • Our brains are amazing and the more ways you anchor your gratefulness in your life, the more “links” your brain creates.  Say it out loud and repeat as necessary.

One Response to “Attitude of Gratitude

  • Great words to be reminded of daily. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to be a little more grateful!