Ep 122: My Podcasts Sucks (Part 2)

In my last episode, I opened that I came to the realization that this podcast sucks! So, let’s talk about why I actually think that, and it’s about my content I share.

What is the whole point of this podcast? Or listening to a podcast in general, especially a daily one?

Here are my theories for why we invest time on anything actually:

  1. Results

There is is, so here is how I’m going to actually deliver now:

  • I need to drop this need for you to like me.
  • I need to polarize you. To either drive you towards action or drive you away.
    • Think like a magnet, only the ends attract or repel.
  • I’m going to invoke emotion with you. You are not always to going to like it. I am done with being light on truth and impact, I want to provoke you. That’s how we grow!

Pattern interrupters. We use this to make change in our lives. Now normally, we wait until something drastic happens TO US (heart attack, finances, bankruptcy, divorce, spiritual warfare). Well, instead of waiting, let’s search it out.

An easy example of how we do this is by working out and making sure we mix things up to keep our muscles confused and therefore in growth!

So we can use this in religion and politics. You need to search out chaos and growth by getting uncomfortable. Study opposing views. And be open to changing your viewpoint when you get evidence. Be in a state of growth and expansion. We don’t by staying comfortable.

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