Ep 128 – Leaders aren’t perfect

No one wants to have some perfect role model leading from a mountain top.  They made it and they did the work and have arrived.  Sure it sounds great in theory and it looks damn good on social media, but everyone knows that those guys are so far ahead (however they got there) that it’s almost unattainable for us regular folk.  I believe that yes you can get to that point, but it’s hard to grasp such a leap.

Instead, most people really do well with a leader that is only a few steps ahead.  They are doing the work at the same time; helping you see that you are indeed not alone, but among friends and that you’ll conquer this together.

One screams “look at me” and the other says “come with me”.

That’s how I coach.  I have figured out a few things and hope you come with me.

And furthermore, I hope that you pass it forward and help even more people go with you.

It’s time to stop thinking that you have to be this perfect image of success before you can help others.  Why on earth would I wait to help someone that needs help.  Why should I wait until I’m at the top when I could have been bringing you along?

The same goes for your journey.  So, let’s get started climbing that mountain, together.

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