025 – Are you attractive?

We’re not talking about sex or the perfect body.

Point #1:  You have a choice.

  •  The choice to isolate yourself is the easy path
  • The choice to be open and willing to attract others and opportunities.

Point #2:  Attracting what exactly

  • Some call it hope; I think it more of expectation of opportunity.  Opportunity will find it’s way through the right clients, tasks, financial.  With the expectation that it will happen, you are attracting.
  • This is not just silly nonsense.  When we open up like that, our body language changes and our actions do as well.

Point #3: When can you get recentered

  • It’s easy to get distracted and settle back into isolation
  • Choose transition points during the day to remind yourself why you’re doing and what you are wanting to attract.

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