082 – The A Student


I am currently reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash-flow Quadrant and today a section really struck me right in my soul.

…fear will often stop their body from doing what it must do.  That is why so many “A” students get stuck in “analysis paralysis” studying every little detail but failing to do anything…

He goes on to talk about how our system actually punishes students for making mistakes and thus why A students are just that, they make the fewest mistakes.

The problem with that emotional psychosis is that, in the real world, people who take action are the ones who make the most mistakes and learn from them to win in the game of life.”

Main Points

  • Paralysis from analysis has caused me to drop more ideas and more opportunities than I can care to mention.
  • The financial gain and opportunity gain that has been lost makes me physically ill.
  • School has programmed us to fear making mistakes and punished us when we did.
  • People that can let go of that fear will actually learn more because of those mistakes!
  • Making mistakes is guaranteed when you commit to growth and expansion.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  List out the projects or decisions that you have yet to make and commit towards action.
  • Blue Belt:  Out of this list, choose one project and commit to action within 48 hours and declare on your social media account or to an accountability buddy.
  • Black Belt:  Take one project.  Write down four action steps that will happen this week that will help you finish your project or decision.  Schedule each step in your week.

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