084 – You Lose It Quick


I ran today for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks. It hurt. My joints hurt, it was hard to breath and it felt like I had started back to square one.

My point is, you lose progress really quickly.

My second point is that it’s easier to stay up than catch up.

Main Points

  • In all areas of life, our habits create momentum. This momentum makes these new habits easier to do and when we our schedules change this moment helps us to stay on the path. Which is why it’s hard to quit bad habits as well.
  • It is far easier to stay up with action (no matter how small) than to stop and lose that momentum. Meaning, even a crappy workout is better than no workout at all. Or, even if you just listen to this podcast and skip the homework, it’s better than falling behind.
  • Action is a win no matter how small or big. So stay committed to action.

Action Steps

  • White Belt: Finish today what you said you would do this morning.
  • Blue Belt: Set up a task or habit list. Keep it simple. Something for your body, your soul, your family, and your finances. Just one item you can do each day. My coaches at www.warriorbook.com set this up and check it out if you like.
  • Black Belt: Download a habit tracking list or look up the x-effect and create four habits to start tracking each and every day. This is your “no matter what” list.

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