104 – Tired vs. Burned Out


On our coaching page a question was posed about how to know the difference between just being tired and needing rest, versus being tired and pushing through.

Damn good question!

I can honestly tell you that I’m tired when I first wake up and after the kids are in bed.  But so is everyone else!  Obviously!  So, at those times, I literally say out loud, “Fuck that story” and I get up and move.

Midday is a warning sign for me.  So, I do a shift move (more of that in podcast) and meditate.  Then I honestly listen to my body and what it’s telling me.

Depending on if I’m just tired, exhausted, or burned out then determines how I recover.

If I’m burned out, this does require a real check in my priorities.  Because I love what I do, I don’t get burned out unless I’m not staying on task with it.  I love doing this podcast, I love adjusting, but I do get burned out when doing bookkeeping, or reports.

I talk more about this in my show so I hope you tune in because there are a lot of great points to avoiding burnout and how to recover fully.

Action Steps

  • I know it’s vulgar but sometimes you have to literally yell at yourself that you can overcome a momentary lack of motivation.   If you’re clear about what you want, you can tell these stories in your head to take a hike easier.
  • Write out how you choose to recover in the areas of body, spirituality, business/work, and relationships.  If you write it out, it’s easier to stay committed!

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