117 – My Battery Died

Crazy how if you really examine the good and bad events in your life, there is always some higher lesson.

This happens to you to.  In fact, there is a process to learn how to examine a previous event and figure out why it triggered an emotion and actually find a life lesson from that experience.

Interested?   Hit me up and private message me to learn more.

Other source?  Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is” also goes through this process.

But first, back to today’s episode.

My wife was headed out of town with two of our kids.  With a baby, any trip is not exactly easy, so I was trying my best to handle any and all issues.  Checked tires, filled the tank, emptied the trash out (mostly).  But when it came time for her to actually leave?  DEAD BATTERY.


There’s a lesson in this too, listen in to find out!

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