133 – Overwhelm

Spoke to a local mom here in my hometown and she reached out because she saw an infographic about signs of mental and emotional exhaustion.  And let me tell you, she is far from being the only one out there!

We could go a number of ways with this episode, from sleep to stress to lack of connection with friends or even your spouse!

But really what it comes down to is a disconnection from self.  Ignoring your needs.  Ignoring the warning signs and pushing them aside until you can’t push any more.  And no matter what, once you disconnect from yourself, you start to lose it all:

  • By ignoring stress or exhaustion – you lose your health
  • By ignoring your stress and lack of peace – you lose your spirit
  • By ignoring your own needs to fulfill the needs of others – you lose your sense of self and you end up making no one happy.
  • By ignoring any of the above, your ability to produce will also fail you and leave you in financial lack.

I applaud her for reaching out and I was happy to get her hooked up with the right resources including my wife and some “how to get started rituals”.   So, all you have to decide is when “enough is enough” and you’re ready to finally make yourself a priority again!

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